Tell Tale Signs
Project info

This series continues my exploration of semiotics (sign systems) in the urban environment, namely in Toronto where I live. Like so many large modern American cities, Toronto is virtually always under construction and in constant flux. My street photography documents what is changing and what is to come.. The old becomes displaced by condo's and office towers. Large advertising and construction signs, on a literal level, often fail to communicate there intended purposes. Is this a self-referential warning, evocative of a city which has strayed too far from the needs of it's citizens? Many of these photo's contain a sense of despair or mystery, perhaps suggesting new myths to embrace a new future. And remember, a myth is not necessarily what ACTUALLY happened in the past, but what was SAID to have happened in the past in order to justify the present. Is this present massive consumerism, surveillance, ecological failures, and the endless quest for more and more. And how will this effect us and who we are and our connections with each other? A communal desire drives sign systems and our interpretation of them. These very desires, often hidden by the culture of capitalism, begin to break down and become Tell Tale Signs in this series.