Obra en Construcción.
Project info

Obra en Construcción.

This photography exhibition shows a collection of many construction works in the city of Buenos Aires.

Demolished houses, empty lots, and blocked off streets and sidewalks represent the infinite number of urban interventions generated by the constant repairs made to the public space.

These are cultural landscapes we become accustomed to, that we pass by day after day but that often go ignored, and are rarely captured.


Fin de Obra.

This collection was not planned. I began making pictures because I regretted that these older buildings were being demolished. Over time, the feeling of these older neighborhoods in the city starts to disappear in favor of a newer building style.

The construction works, the colors, the bricks and the sand, the smell of water and cement brought back memories of the my father's work as a mason. I'm sure my experiences working alongside him growing up influenced my impulsion to capture these moments.

I made pictures without thinking, each block I turned down had a new work of construction or blocked streets and sidewalks. These scenes were constant, and I couldn't ignore them as I made my way through the city.

For each image of disorder I captured, I imagined how it might look in the future, and how our perspective changes when we're looking at a wall compared to a space full of sky.

I wanted to leave a record of today's Buenos Aires, and somehow combine it with what I've felt and experienced in this city.

This is a short period project, captured during various months of 2018 while passing through the different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.