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Anticipatory questions, unpredictable answers.
Q: Why East? - A: Why not?!
A: Yes, but why? - A: I don’t know.
The photographs presented are part of a black and white Street photography project on Eastern Europe and Russia. Work began in 2016 and is still ongoing. The method used is digital; the project has been done entirely in the field, without any subsequent post-production. The research subject is Man and his surroundings: the photographer’s lens is focused principally on cities and metropolitan areas in Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, Germany and Russia. Within the various urban microcosms, the image is simultaneously realistic (the photograph represents the actual subject) and metaphysical-symbolic (the photograph is given Another meaning compared to the real one). This sociological-existential interest addresses, simultaneously, people and modern architecture, particularly the so-called Socialist Classicism. The constructions sometimes undergo a process of dematerialisation (the High-key series of over-exposed photographs), since they are emptied of their original meaning in order to take on another. Reflecting on the potential other meaning is left undefined and open.