(Moving) windows
Project info

Rome 2019 - the city seen through the tram windows. But not from inside out. This time the gaze enters the trams, it almost insinuates itself to spy and surprises a city made of people, of faces, of humanity in movement.
This is the intent of the project. The "moving windows" show and crystallize moments; through ideal curtains made of dirty glass they reveal scenes that appear paradoxically private, intimate.
The evening dimension of the images, which are made up of "windows" illuminated in the dark that surrounds them, highlights the movements and expressions of people caught in stolen moments and therefore true and unrepeatable.
Rome shows itself also this way, through the minimal gestures of the people who go through it every day.
The public becomes private, the private turns into public.
The project was carried out between March and April 2019 with a Fuji xt20 - Fujnon 18-55 2,8/4