Untitled, Oublier
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Untitled, Oublier. ( Selection )

My name is Michael Kern, I live in Finistère ("Finis Terrae, where the land ends"), in Brittany, France. I am a photographer and contemporary art curator. I began to question Photography in 1998 while studying in Beijing, China. Since, my photographic research is articulated in two movements.

The first one, born of displacement, explores the fullness of the cultures that I choose to meet in a formal set that I call "Documentary Notes". The serie "WuWei" made in China, "Aastha" in India, "Greek Salad" in Greece and "Azru" in Morocco are built in time, in a succession of journeys.
A course dictated by the desire to apprehend these regions of the world through experiencing all that they have of popular, primitive or fundamental. Thus, I imagine drawing the map of an archipelago inviting the spectator to question himself in his relation to the polyphonys of the existence.

The second movement stems from these experiences lived abroad, with the difference that this is to invest my daily life. Here, the formerly of a destination meets the now of a state of being. Unlike the "Notes" previously mentioned, "Untitled, Oublier" no longer designates a place but a principle. The choice of subjects is intrinsically eclectic, sometimes extremely vast, sometimes intimately small. Each image is to be read as a world in itself.
It is no more the simple product of experiments, but the result of a poetic process for composing patterns, which harmonize the words of the visible and underline the singularity of moments that have become memory.

The images presented here come from this second research time.