Project info

X is a project realized during Lab Verde Program in Amazonia in august 2018.
This project focus on the investigation of the complex interrelationship between nature and humans, their power, force and spirituality. The significance of human connection to the nature has been lost, with consequential destructive results, global warming is perhaps the defining issue of our time, which certain politicians deny and many of us choose to ignore. The artificial world reconstructs our perception, and nature is becoming less organic and more secondary. Inspired by the forces of nature, the strong energy and mysticism, that I experienced during all the time that I was inside the forest, I start investigate through the Orixás [an Afro-American religious tradition, practiced mainly in Brazil], the human form of the spirits that are meant to guide the sacred relationship between nature’s elements and human beings. The orixás’s figure Oxum: she is the protector of the fresh water of rivers and waterfalls and she is associated with the gold color and mirror object, and Oxóssi: he is the forest protector, spirit associated with the lightness, contemplation, and blue color , are the subject of mine visual research.
Worked to reconnect humanity to nature and its mystical elements , interacting with the landscape by using different materials, creating transient interventions on specific sites, performances and images, exploring the vital energy , to raise environmental awareness and awakeness our energy. That challenges the viewer to consider the broader context of work, only spirituality can save our relationship with rebellious nature.