Project info

The theme of the photographic project is Water in all its many manifestations. Water recalls the motion-stasis dialectic and the associated life-death one. The images, as submitted from time to time, represent the exterior sign of a deep inner experience which has its existential character in change. In the sequence of the images, the female figure enters into symbiosis with the natural or artificial environment, in the search for a balance the result of which is unknown, but which is conditioned by the precariousness of the task (symbolically represented by dead fish). In the end, the shell precedes the manifestation of rebirth and a positive glimpse on life. The following expressive means were used in the project: the photographic, the pictorial (oil on canvas used as a background for the subjects) and the poetic (literary citation written on a typewriter, from J. W. Goethe). The analogue photographic method was adopted with the use of an underwater, disposable camera with reflex film, the use of coloured filters and the overlapping of slides and slides and negatives.