Oblidats 365 (Forgotten 365)
Project info

The image that shows this physical work is No. 8. The rest are photographs that illustrate the process.

"Oblidats 365" is a spin-off of my photographic series from 2016 titled "Oblidats" ("Forgotten"), a collection of black and white photographs that show a set of objects found in the woods near my house (see No. 7, on the table, for an example). With these works, I wanted to value simple objects, show the power of chance and reflect on the passage of time, in a line of work conceptually inspired by Antoni Tàpies.

"Oblidats 365" started from a simple idea: if the objects that are represented in the images were abandoned in the forest for a long time, why not also abandon the photographs for a long time too? Twenty-two small fine-art photographs were nailed to a wooden pallet and left behind for a whole year under the elements. In this way, after 365 days, I was able to close the circle and finish a work that took more than three years to complete.