Faux Zeitgeist
Project info

In the digital age we are living in people easily create a new identity online. We easily manipulate ourselves, our surroundings and ideas of representation. We create an ideal version, or we get in influenced by
idea’s how we can be an ideal version. We get a new identity.
Humankind is getting enchanted with the version of our self we create
online. What is our identity in the end?
We get blisters from swiping and scrolling.
We download apps to like like “them”.
We don’t know how people look anymore in real life.

Faux Zeitgeist is a project with my view of the world we are living in and how we create a new identity online with the influence of technology. Social media is shaping the users, the ‘self’ is disappearing. Will this period be called the “Faux Zeitgeist” in the future?