Seguindo uma linha (following a line)
Project info

Seguindo uma Linha, [following a line]
Is a multimedia project that includes photographs, sculptures, installations and sound.
Started in 2012, the inspiration has begun from a dream, from a vision I had.
I’m an Italian artist but In the last years I lived in Brazil, where spiritual research is very intense and important, everyday life is impregnated, this has changed my way of seeing and photographing.
This project explores the transition between conscious and unconscious.
The disorientation and uncertainty are the sensations of our time and the same ones that the photographs intend to trigger in the observer, the images take on a new perspective in a continuous overturning between looking inside and looking out, in a play of inverted landscapes, guided by perspective point changes, joined by a common denominator: the line, the totem, the circle.
My intention is to create a complete experience.
I'm interested in how perception changes, as this could cause internal conflicts and possibly affect our way of thinking, to raise a discussion of why existence.
Sometimes the added element is harmonious with landscape, creating balance sometimes it creates ruptures, divisions.
The elements represent a transition, as a psychological process and spatial condition, a window on a parallel universe, also the choice of colors is important, to lead the observer on psychology, introspective journey.
The choice fell on the primary and neutral colors, inspired by the great masters of minimalist painting.
In addition to fine-art photo paper, new media (lines, totems, digital drawings, iron installations and sculptures) are added.
The lines pass the image, the chosen paper is matt, while the added elements are in glossy varnish.
The sculptures are directly related to the photographs, creating unique pieces and giving three dimensions to the work a dialogue between photography and sculpture.