Being like others
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Non-standard heating equipment of Iranian schools in some towns have caused the death of several students in recent years
Shin Abad school in west Azerbaijan province is one of the those schools. In December 2012, the heater caught fire in a class of an elementary school; in this tragedy, 31 students burned and 2 died.Ameneh Raak is one of the students. She was a happy girl but after the fire, she has turned into a depressed, isolated child. She had to leave school for one year.
Ameneh and her friends waited for likely advancements of medicine to recover and get back to normal life.Ameneh has been through a lot during these two years and was even unable to communicate with her younger sister. Now, she is hopeful unlike two years ago. Asking Ameneh about her dream, hers was in the one and only: "Being like others".