Two Religions One Roof
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Ghanim and his family were living in Tel Keppe, near Mosul, when ISIS came and started threatening their life. Being a Christian is a danger in itself these days. They decided to leave, to Shargat first, then Riiadh, before arriving in Kirkuk seven months ago.

Here, their story crosses with the one of Widad, a, sunni muslim from Nassaf. A widow and mother of three, she ran away from the violence with all her family, including her mother and her sister’s three orphans, seeking for shelter and a safer house.

In this disputed city, Ghanim and Widad live in the same house with their respective families, sharing the same roof, despite their religious differences.
This is a story about co-existence in a time of sectarian violence, an intimate journey in the daily life of two families, one Christian the other Sunni, that share the same fate, a story that shows that a better tomorrow is possible.

This project is part of Metrography's collective effort to map the displacement inside Iraqi Kurdistan.