Project info

Yokosuka, Japan, the setting of this work, has a base of the US Navy, it is a city where the remains of the ruins of World War II in part. Despite the unique atmosphere, the good urban planning seems to be a success. It is not gorgeous, but a clean and beautiful landscape is maintained by the citizens. Starting with the iconic coastline, there is the consistency and the development like a classic strolling garden. The sea breeze that envelops the entire city passes over the hills ahead. The sensual blue harbor, green leaf bouncing water after the rain, blue sky seen from a deep jet-black cliff, the tall orange streetlights that follow the straight line, and the soft lights can be seen from the windows of the houses which lead to the hills as the night hangs down. The faded signboards of the primary color makes me feel the past and present at the same time. Multinational people come and go, skateboards slip through, anglers at the bay area, and an island float far away.

This work named "reverberations" focuses on mutual recognition. A man and an woman appear, then there is no special relationship in the very beginning. On the other hand, after they met once somehow, it's acknowledged as a relation anyway.When people face each other, the scenery they see is different. It is an illusion to think that if you stand in the same space, you could always share the scenery. This is not just about direction. Vision, color perception, height. The sound and direction of the wind are also different. It is often the case that, despite being in the same place, later memories are different from those of others. Sharing and misunderstandings create humor and trouble everyday. Cognition, the root of communication, makes life and society interesting and complex.

The uninhabited island is seen from the quay looks like ink that has been raised by surface tension. A fishing boat sometimes passes by the island slowly, and the boat disappears when I take my eyes off a little. This work was made with the time of feeling that such a boat would melt on the island in my heart.

This brand new photo book of mine named "Reverberations" has been published(self published). A5 size / 222 pages / 152 pictures ¥4,700 (postage excluded). 210 mm x 148 mm x 19.7 mm.
The initial edition is with a special box cover.