Grape garden alley in Black and White
Project info

It's a house . A shelter to be precise . A collection of women of different ages from all over the city live there.
They were mostly addicted to drugs. Those  who weren't , we're either homeless of support less.
The government provided this shelter for such homeless women. Preventing them from sleeping on cold benches of the parks or wondering in the streets. Helping them quit drugs and other bad deeds. to help these women get back on their feet.
I was so touched by such image that once i stepped into the "grape garden alley" , documenting these women's lives in every single aspect was my only concern for three years , Between 2009-2012 , how their lives was improving was so moving.
In this project i focused on their portraits which in a way displays a lot that's been going on through their lives.
The most interesting thing for me was that you can see all kinds of women around you , in this case the ones that have been through hell;fighting their ways back into a normal life.
But despite of all the sadness they're dealing with there is still more colour used in their dresses and their lives than normal women.
And that is exactly why I published this project in two different types and under two different names.
Once as "Grape garden alley in Black and White" and another time colourful.
Because I see their journey in black and white while they  themselves try to colour up the truth of their lives.