Project info

Max Kellenberger

A few years ago, I had to undergo an invasive medical intervention. While my body recovered well, my emotional life was in pieces. There was a feeling deep inside, a heavy mass, which pulled me down and kept me from moving freely. With the help of a psychoanalyst I started to explore what I had been carrying all along these years.
Investigating the nature of this heaviness made me curious about other people. On the way to and from the therapist's office in downtown San Francisco I started to aim my camera on strangers. Focusing on the very area of people’s bodies where I am feeling my baggage, I realized that humans seem to almost always carry something in their hands, over their shoulders, in their arms.
Carrying objects reveals having purpose. We have places to go and things to deliver. We have hope. We hold on tight to what we carry because we also fear that anything can be lost. Carrying is an expression of human impermanence and, at the same time, an action that makes this very condition tolerable.
CARRY is work in progress resulting both in new insight and new images.