Addiction Series
Project info

Addiction - ongoing series; a visual opera with the key players being, The Addict, The Beloved of the Addict & The Addiction itself.

With influences such as Alexander McQueen, Edgar Allen Poe, Rene Magritte, Gustav Moreau, & Salvadore Dali, my artwork flirts with the dark light of the macabre where the ugly basks in the juxtaposed glow of the beautiful. Personal journal pages transform into surrealistic imagery bearing a deeply metaphorical message pertaining to the journey of the being through growth and change as well as the examination of the psyche. As an artist, I play the role of the Scribe; documenting self-evaluation throughout my experiences along the journey’s path. Although very personal, the actual tales remain shrouded in symbolism so as the viewer can form their own connection.

I have found that journeys of great significance are rarely easy - they are filled with nightmares & darkness, insecurity & doubt, coldness & loneliness. With growth comes pain but also knowledge, love & understanding. In paying attention to the guidance of the symbols around me, I found beauty, safety, & inspiration in some of the darkest & scariest moments... I draw upon the inspiration the darkness holds for me in these moments so as I may help guide and to shed rays of healing light and hope to those who may find themselves traveling similar paths.

Upon conception, each image is carefully constructed using elements of contemporary surrealism and are comprised of multiple photographs including self-portraits that are composited together with a myriad of digital effects & artfully blended with textures to share my story visually through ambiguous pictorial allegory. My process is restrained and planned to a certain point until the creative and emotional side of me jumps in the driver seat & all predetermined & predicted outcome fades into a swirl of what was, what is & what will be.