Project info

I received a BA in Fine Arts in the 80’s, but kids and the need for a job that paid serious wages derailed me. Six years ago, I quit my job and began to travel around the world, dragging two big suitcases filled with painting supplies and little else. I stayed at least six months in each place and painted.

One day, wrestling my suitcases on a train, I decided to investigate photography. It was love at first sight. This year, I sold my paints and brushes and committed 100% to this path. I have been extremely lucky to find excellent teachers. For the past two years I have volunteered at the Photographic Gallery in in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, building their website, updating their logo, creating ads, and most recently administering a Facebook group for photographers.
I work on photography every day. I have been in two group shows in the past year, am currently in a group show in the Bicentennial Museum in Dolore Hidalgo, and will open in another group show tomorrow. I am also scheduled for a solo show in Colombia in 2020.

At present, I am working on a series of photographs called Innocence and Innocence Lost. This series shoots models inside “cocoons” made of fabric of varying degrees of translucence. The largest cocoon holds three people. The Innocence images are quite lovely. The images for Innocence Lost can be unsettling. I am submitting 10 photos of the Cocoon series separately to Lens Culture, but you have one in your set. It’s title is Innocence Lost: Me Too.

I am very interested in finding opportunities to show my work.