Sunat - FGM in Southern Thailand
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Until recently, there has been an unreported practice of FGM amongst the Muslim communities in Thailand’s southern provinces. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the practice is widespread, encouraged by religious authorities and generally accepted by women in the region - however, Thai governmental health officials do not recognise that it happens, nor plans to conduct prevalence surveys on the matter. Although the Type IV FGM that occurs in Thailand is minimally invasive compared to the other types of FGM practiced in the Middle East and parts of Africa, it is still considered a violation of World Health Organisation guidelines and convention rights of the child. Furthermore, an intractable, bloody conflict between the Thai Army and various separatist and nationalist movements in Thailand’s four southernmost provinces complicates maternal health outreach in some of the more remote communities.

In Pattani, two local women have decided that it is time to circumcise their baby girls. Full report by Gabrielle Paluch for The Guardian: