lanning fine art
Project info

Primarily a self-taught artist, my interest in art began when I got my first camera at nineteen. I held it to my eye and had and immediate revelation. It was an epiphany. Everywhere I looked the common became uncommon and fantastic. A heightened sense of order and composition came together through the lens. Something connected at that moment which remains with me to this day and, ever since, the camera has yielded unlimited possibilities. My work examines the inner-city, realizing its potential as art through the poetry of transition and imperfection. Worn surfaces and rough edges leap out in testimony. With my camera, I capture the incongruities of these elements, as art. To add a creative element, my photographs are often accompanied by a personal vignette or word poem (not included with my entries). It gives me a chance to articulate the visual tension of each piece. The richness of my work is due to a love of color and knowing how and when to shoot. This allows me to interpret with a painting-like quality. I am not looking for a label, but it is closest to abstract photography. It is my passion.