Transmigration of Souls
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There are people who believe that the soul gradually achieves higher forms, starting with an object, through the form of a plant, an animal, a human being… I have learnt about this concept quite recently. Nevertheless, it was not a revelation for me. I just understood that I am not the only one who perceives this way. Observing the surrounding world, I often wonder if there is something more in those things, plants, and animals. I search for the objects that could serve as an earthly body, a container for a soul. If there is something in it at all – does it apply to all the beings? Or only the chosen ones?
The photographs taken constitute a result of years-long and time-consuming search. To make the message stronger and at the same time to emphasize their very personal character, I decided to complement the images with the dimension of the text.
I could compare my photo-textual pieces to songs, in which the function of music is fulfilled by photography, and its descriptions serve as the lyrics.

Photographs and texts: Wojtek Moskwa
Translation: Aleksandra Szymczyk