Dark Mood
Project info

My motivation to make this album was to overcome a very strong depression that I am going through, I was able to channel enough of that energy into these images. Either going to take them, as editing them. While I was doing both, I was always accompanied by several musical artists such as Bon Iver, Keaton Henson and Hammock among others. They helped me to capture everything that was happening to me while I was taking them and editing them. Each of the photos has a song that I think can say much more than a simple description.
My idea for the exhibition is that each printed photo has below the title and a code of spotify. Each person who sees the exhibition can scan this code with their cell phone and listen to the song that suggested that particular photo to me. Likewise the songs are selected in such a way that you can get to see all the photos with just one song. Since they maintain a unit like the photos. To get the full experience of the exhibition, it would be necessary to insist that it is an exhibition with headphones, each person can carry their own headphones and be free to choose the song they want. And so see the photos with just one song or with several.
I must say that creating this work was a great channel of liberation to be able to help me out of my own depression. This is why these images have a lot of me.