Project info

The horse represents nature's strength, elegance, beauty and grandiose perfection. These traits are manifested in each anatomic detail—in movements that express a variety of emotions and sensations. These manifestations go well beyond its pure Spanish blood to encompass the personality of this particular animal, its own identity. It is about an articulation of peculiarities that are then exposed in front of the camera in a playful exchange which, with the complicity of light, weaves pirouettes in space. Ever since I was a child I have studied horses, because they have been faithful friends in adventure. After years of technical experimentation I have managed to convey in this series of photographs the animal's personality, which symbolizes what other species have to tell us. The photographic representation leads us into a world of narratives, which veer from natural to surreal when we allow ourselves to establish with horses a connection that goes beyond words—in this case through the camera.

The Malabar is a photograph series of a Spanish pure blood in the midst of its daily routine. The series aims to capture in the animal's movements and in the details of its body—from an artistic perspective and without digital intervention after the shoot—the magic, the strength, the authenticity and the inspiration represented by the horse as well as by its unique aesthetic identity.