Looking at myself...
Project info

'Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light' - Brené Brown

The 'I look at myself' project originated from a strong desire to find one's own identity and connectedness.
I searched both in others. With the feeling that if I belong, I know who I am. And although I often see similarities, I feel like an outsider in every group.
Now I look at myself.

And I discover a shadow side. Dark emotions, such as shame, guilt, loneliness and uncertainty, fear, the feeling of not being good enough and the desire for freedom and connectedness.
So far I have (unknowingly) ignored my shadow side. I pretended it didn't exist, covered it with a mask of ignorance or arrogance. But it is there and it is an inseparable part of myself.
I didn't want to show all these dark feelings, so I was always on my guard, afraid of being exposed. These photos show the emotions hidden up to now. By portraying them I want to create a freedom for myself to be authentic.