you're the first to go I-V
Project info

it took me a long time to find my passion and interests. they have been changing a lot, but as i get older it becomes clearer to me that my works i like the most always deal with transience. while it is not my own perishability that keeps recurring in my projects - i'd rather not deal with that... - it is the momentariness of other people that makes me incredibly sad. the concept of a world full of people who all try to go about their lives, who all try to succeed in finding a purpose, who put so much energy in surviving but ultimately will fail and will then be forgotten is very hard to grasp for me.
in my artistic work i therefore try to honour the unknown, the lives led by ordinary people who might still be alive or not.
"you're the first to go I-V" is a series shot with an old holga camera, on vintage film, using double exposure.
the double exposure, the vintage film, the emptiness and quietness of the beach all indicate how fleetingly moments pass by and while this a) common knowledge, b) pathos at its best it is still the simply truth of life itself.