It All Amounts to Nothing
Project info

It All Amounts to Nothing, is a series of text and photographic images based on Trey Hock’s small handmade book of the same name. Trey looks at both the photographs and text works as captured moments, fragments that may become a larger narrative through accumulation and perspective. The series is also about understatement. The written works may evoke a sense of effortlessness, but have been crafted over the past few years. The photographs focus on subjects that are often overlooked, but are taken with a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye, which requires that the film used be hand rolled on to the correct spools. If all goes according to plan, a viewer entertained by the series, may never comprehend the lengths the artist went to in order to ensure the work’s existence. The project is ongoing and Trey anticipates three volumes in the book series, and over 90 short text and photographic images.