Dear Daughters
Project info

Dear Daughters is a series of portraits of fathers with their daughters between 8 /11 years old.

Father and daughter discuss feminism. We were prompted to explore a different point of view, that of a man questioning the present day and future of his daughter.

Feminism is a term which of late has returned to the streets, in the media and conversations around the table, many young girls wear Feminist T-shirts and express intelligent concepts though often with some confusion.

The girls in this project had a pure approach with a sincere interest in the themes we proposed, they are still at an age where they are not conditioned by society and their curiosity pushes them to search for rational explanations, they want to comprehend.

We used an old pictorial and classical style of representing a family portrait where the patriarchy was often underlined. Fathers and daughters are references of our time but live in a space reserved for other epochs as if to remind us that we are still not freed from an old vision of gender roles.

Extracts from the interviews and conversations accompany each image.