Project info

Venice Biennale 2019, entitled May You Live in Interesting Times, pays close attention to the human society with the present tense. Also, in 2019 I create the photography mixed media series 1980’s, which perhaps can be said to cut into the reality from the past, and to introduce the problems that we need to think in a dynamic trajectory.
China in the 1980's was thriving under the policy of reform and opening up. People left the farmland that they had survived on in their hometowns and entered the cities to fight for a better life. Those mottled portraits seem to be the faces of these people who were once confident, and perhaps to be the faces of whom are now old and exhausted. The large-scale population movement that began in the 1980’s has accelerated the construction and development of many Chinese cities. While today, the country has many monotonous and boring urban landscapes filled with high-rise buildings. Cities have too many resources and attract more people to gather. It is getting bigger and bigger, but the resources that each one can be allocated are really limited. In the bustling city, the living space of many people is gradually being squeezed. I witnessed the 1980's, and I am also one look on and reflect, but I don't know where the future will push us into.