Dromedary Care Taker
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During the last 13 days I have been traveling around three countries (Spain, Morocco and Portugal) covering more than 2000 km by road and getting to visit some amazing Medinas, markets, castles and fortresses; tasting a wide range of meals (some good... and some... not so good) and coming across and meeting some incredible and wonderful people. .

One of these individuals is Mohammed Teghloui @hamid.merzouga.73 Mohammed is 28 years old and lives in the city of Errachida, Morocco. Mohammed has four sisters and one brother. He is married and expecting his first baby within the next four months. We met Mohammed during our early visit to the Sahara dessert, he was of the Dromedary caretakers, job he has been doing since 2008. His kindness, happiness and positive energy was remarkable (even though this is not a well paid job). Mohammed loves the desert and wishes to become a photographer one day.