Somewhere & Nowhere
Project info

Somewhere & Nowhere is a documentation of a road trip that my Father and I took around South Wales. My Father is Welsh and grew up in Bridgend, South Wales but moved to London almost 50 years ago. I have, more recently, moved to Swansea, South Wales to go to University.

Travelling together through the vacant yet beautiful landscape felt like the most natural way to reconnect with our history. The rural landscape had a sense of timelessness, a sense that not a lot had changed in the past 50 years. There was no sense the time had passed. experiencing it from the road seemed very primal; travelling along the same roads he travelled on as a child. It was in the car that he began to tell me the stories of his time there.

This series is made up of images I took whilst on the road trip alongside still lives of artefacts that I collected as we went. This body of work culminated in a pair of handmade publications.