Project info

We live in a post-privacy world, an image-obsessed society where cameras are everywhere. We try to avoid people pointing smartphones and other cameras at us as we walk down the street, but are we conscious of all the CCTV cameras lurking above us? With or without our knowledge, we are photographed countless times a day. Tools of mass surveillance have found their way into our world. They watch who we meet, see who we talk to, scan our faces; yet as we become more accustomed to the presence of these cameras, we stop paying attention. But how much privacy are we willing to give up for security? And how much security are we really getting from all this surveillance?

For this project, NoMatterWhere, I point my camera at the cameras watching me, and I photograph the buildings, walls and streets where they hide in plain sight. I make these photographs to raise questions that come from the claustrophobic sense of being constantly observed, to bring forward the issues surrounding the ever-encroaching advances in surveillance, and the disappearance of privacy in public spaces.

Photographs from NoMatterWhere were exhibited in KEEPING WATCH, a three-person show on surveillance at the Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC) in Denver, Colorado in 2017.