Project info

Existential reflection is at the heart of this photographic project which is organised into two photographic groups: radiographs and sepulchral statues (the Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno). My personal radiographs show my growth marked with bruises, fractures and illness, which reveal existence in all its fragility and transience. Starting with the radiographs, with a semantic-visual link, the project meets death through its artistic representation given by the sepulchres. The aesthetic interpretation of death presented by the sepulchres brings back to beauty what was foreign to it: in the same way I developed this work. In the project, death is understood both as an inevitable conclusion to the cycle of life and as an invitation to give life intensity and dignity. In the optics of opposites, the disturbing aspect of this work eventually transforms into a celebration of life itself and into a tribute to imaginative ability, a capacity that allows us to transcend the finitude of existence. The technique used was digital. When taking the photographs, coloured filters were used and experiments were done using refraction techniques of both natural and artificial light.