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Project developed with Régis Duarte.

In the last decade of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century the beaches of south Brazil were discovered. With medicinal values the beaches were considered cure for many health complications. According Ycarim Barbosa (2002): "The swim was a masochistic pleasure; the brutal immersion in Fresh Sea lead a healthy suffocation.
Located in northern Rio Grande do Sul coast, Tramandaí is much frequented by gauchos from the Vale dos Sinos and the metropolitan area of Porto Alegre.
Brazil has undergone important changes in the last 10 years, when a large portion of the population emerges classes, reaching a new level due to social inclusion policies. With the vested benefits, increase the demand and thus the real estate speculation, as applicant in large cities, is gaining ground in the coastal regions. The beaches had before more horizontal architecture, due to its wide expanses, start verticalize their buildings without any prior architectural planning. Wooden houses with eaves worked, do not resist the offers for the construction of the towers that homogenize the seaside landscape. The "Copacabanization" of the southern coast of Brazil, is not only in the vertical architectural similarity, but the plurality of classes, the mixture of styles and urban chaos, allegedly organized the famous Rio neighborhood.