Finding Dakar
Project info

In 2011, I moved to Senegal, in West Africa, to follow my husband, who had been relocated for professional purposes. We settled in Dakar, the capital city, a dense populated urban hub with millions of people.

We are both originally from Madagascar, so this was a return to Africa (though to a very different part!). When I arrived in my new country, I worked for a short time leading exploration projects for a start-up adventure company. It is then that I chose to embrace photography.

Still, until 2014, I had seen most of Dakar through a car window, rarely strolling the streets. That year I decided to explore the city aiming to capture the "real" Dakar. Focused on urban landscapes and scenes of daily life, the project represents my effort to rediscover my environment and "to walk the city in order to experience it." This series was captured in and around Dakar—in a radius of roughly 70 kilometers around the city.