Project info

DELUSION ( deception, illusion, mirage, dream )

We are permanently connected to the screens: hypnotic and changing surfaces that want to "inform" and entertain us, although some also allow us to do this function, interactively.

I decontextualize a fragment (moment) of the images of the tv-program and show this manipulation, the illusory and illusionist part of what comes with intentions often concealed but never neutral.

The fascination and necessity created by this dependence leads me to question the background and take the distance to adopt a different angle of observation, annulling the original message factor, and looking for a new, emotional, plastically, deconstructor and explorer of interesting plastic effects even in dramatic reports.

The fragmentation or reiteration, moving the camera, the documentary images in an old television set, the evidence of its formation composed on lines and basic color spots, falsifies and dims the perception of the message, and I realize the little difference that there is really between my confused image and the one that comes to us, also interpreted, filtered and framed according to some criteria.

I finish using the device as a producer of meaningless primary images, to which I can give a new, plastic and liberating meaning, taking advantage of suggestive analogical features of the old television set and emotional pictorial effects of the reinterpreted image.

The resulting images do not have a manipulation subsequent to that obtained by the camera.