INTEMPORAL ( Timeless )
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INTEMPORAL ( Timeless )

The "Timeless" photo series is inserted in the context of the work on the Temporality of human existence and time as a factor that allows the action in the space and therefore the transformation and human changing.

In this photographic series I propose a change of perspective, and look at our time as an insignificant part within the cycles of the universe, from where it comes from.

In these moved pictures captured in an interior with lit lights,
I wanted to cause a cosmic effect in which the dimension of human time is faced in contrast to the timeless dimension of the universe where we situate ourselves.

Channel 08 in green, tuned in an old television set, allows
which appear along camera shifts, these numbers of
repeated way

They are a reference, on the one hand to the origin or starting point, to the "Big Bang" and, on the other, to the symbol of infinity.