Missing Memory
Project info

The enthusiasm for an old Contax camera just bought online and a photo-sharing afternoon in Montjuïc, and the disappointment, when revealing the film, of having lost the photographs due to a camera defect, are the origin of this series.

The acceptance of this risk and the uncertainty in not having tried the camera before, they added intensity to each picture and they connected me with the attitude that I have when painting, in which from an idea I generate an attempt to make pass things in a controlled but uncontrolled way, provoking the surprise in the dialogue with painting and open to discovery and learning rather than wanting to explain something.
Moments and images remembered but not captured in the film negative. Only narrow bands at the ends of the frames that I immediately associate with the bands that I painted in the Temporary Interval series and who hugged, as temporary parentheses, moments, a life: a time-lapse lived in the middle of timelessness.