The Path of an Honest Man
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Do people behave differently when they’re lying compared to when they’re telling the truth? In this age of fake news and political distrust, misdirection and disinformation, understanding cues to deception has become part of our visual literacy.

The series is a study into the hidden language of lying to find commonalities in universal gestures and visual cues. A lie is to make a false statement with deliberate intent to deceive, an intentional untruth, a falsehood. The lie generally results in the creating a false or constructed image of a situation or person.

The work looks to the role of the 1950’s salesman for inspiration. By referencing a time where methods of persuasion were taught and mastered, the work questions whether lying and deception could be a visual code, one that could be understood and manipulated.

The work itself consists of constructed images, from the making of them to the installation.