Redux (working title)
Project info

The images explore the notion that the photograph is not simply the capturing of a moment but perhaps a way to package time for another audience. The innate ambiguity of photographic images and their trustworthiness as recordings of a past moment are not reliable and can be played with. The photograph is not sacrosanct but a medium that can be manipulated to extend the meaning of the work.

The images are bound up in process, both traditional and digital ways of working and cosmetically refer to some historical aspects of photography. The intention is to revisit the photograph and the places and experiences I have had by adding myself to the image after it was taken. This radically skews the meaning of the initial image. The pictures have been taken over some years some with the intention of engineering this construct as in ‘Window Shopper’ and others by returning to an early picture by chance and literally re-immersing myself in the scene.