The Mirror of the Reverse (2012)
Project info

“The Mirror of the Reverse”, composed by 14 images, is an essay on (in)distinction which intercommunicate in an open narrative construction. It consists of a look that brings into light the dual existence of things in the world: nature and human, light and shadow, primitive and divine, beauty and ugliness.

The research for this essay was based on the extract of the book “ Memories of the Banana Tree” ( “Memórias da Bananeira” ) by Brazilian writer and poet Isadora Krieger:

“When we saw a dog running along the sea edge and along your own edge, yes, it exists inside of us, it is at the edge that contemplation begins, it is in contemplation that the breaching begins, and the breaching, when does it end? And if I say to you that it never ends? And if I say, furthermore, that what never ends is very much like that time when we saw the dog running along the sea, when the sea was turned into soft gold, spilt all over, splashing golden here and there, when we saw Fire mingled with water, the above mingled with the below, the over-there with the right-here, when we saw ourselves with dog legs and the dog with our legs, all mixed up, when we saw the happening so immense that the longing not even existed, absurd and natural, like that.”

“O Espelho do Avesso” searches for the Breaching into the consciousness of Unity.
It suggests a ‘to be’ in the world silently.