Everything and Nothing
Project info

Memories create our consciousness and give us identity. Whether it is joy or sadness, they all become our knowledge and experience in life. However, if the memories were to fade away, would the identity dissolve along with them? Consequently, are we cease to exist?

My memory is a strange thing because I cannot purposefully recall specific moments or events. Those emotional feelings I experienced are also disappearing without a trace. I can only tell my stories from a third-person perspective. If memories are like Legos block, fitting together to form our sensibility, I feel part of me
is missing. My life wanders in between happening and cease; presenting and conceal.

Although, it is the sense of loss help to start this project; however, it is more than to capture the vanishing memories. It is the mindfulness in every moment that helps to transform and recaptured as something new emerge. This project is a metaphorical memoir, narrative storytelling between conscious and unconscious.