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Two weeks after Farkhunda's death, I went to Kabul, to the street where she was lynched to take picture of the daily street life and understand better how this tragedy unfolded.
Farkhunda Malikzada was a 27 year old Afghan woman who was stoned and burned by a frenzied mob in Kabul on March 19, 2015 after being falsely accused of burning the holy Quran.
Being nearly the same age as Farkhunda, I was deeply touched and saddened by this bloody and savage story and I felt I needed to cover it.
I met some brave activist women, the death of Farkhunda woke up many people and for the first time ever in Afghanistan, during the funeral ceremony, her casket was carried only by women.
The women in the portraits are deeply involved and working actively to have a big impact on society and to prevent similar events from ever happening again.

Kabul, Afghanistan