Synchronous Being
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These records are products of a process of learning about myself. It begins with looking into the duplicity, or multiplicity, that every human being has. I am different today from the person I was yesterday. I as a person do not get reduced to my role as a son. Here, I talk about the range of duplicity a person exhibits depending on the situation.
Everyone has a hidden layer in the spectrum of his or her personality. It is a difficult task to fully express oneself while remaining fair to others. The tug of war between fragmentation versus dissolution or between conflict and harmony persists within one’s psyche. People love each other while they doubt, comfort, and neglect each other. It is not the issue of real or fake. Our lives that appear seamless on the surface are, in fact, very absurd because they are incongruous in nature. I always breathe alongside myself as my own synchronous being.