Magnitude 7.8 Nepal: A message from God
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Nepal, the land of ancient religion mainly consists of followers of Hinduism and Buddhism. The mountains, along with their silence are found everywhere within the country. Alike the great heights, lights and shadows plays with all their mystery in the minds of Nepal’s dwellers. A spiritual touch is bound to be feathered here. It is of general belief that almighty sends people messages through natural disaster. Perhaps the unfortunate shake of the ground is a way of communication between God and men. Perhaps this is how God keeps mankind awake and aware of their sins. According to pious devotes believe all over the world, god and god only decides on who’s lives to take or protect, and that humans are not to be judgmental on His act.

Nepal - the city of worship , lies on the five distinct morphotectonic zones. Due to a rise in tectonic stress around the Himalayas area, Nepal has experienced a historical pattern of earthquake. The devastating earthquake of Magnitude 7.8 on April 25, 2015 has taken more than 8,000 lives, countless have been injured resulting to a huge number of homeless people. Moreover, several heritage sites of UNESCO have been destroyed. The effect also has reached to its neighboring countries India and Bangladesh. A second major earthquake of Magnitude 7.3 has also hit the area on May 12, 2015 which has taken over 60 lives and left many wounded.

About 1 Million tourist visiting Nepal each year, a major part of Nepal’s economy depends on the tourism industry. Due to the logical fear of continuous aftershocks and prior predictions of further tremor, tourists have fled from Nepal and almost all bookings have been cancelled.

In spite of the argument about the cause being an act of God or a scientific process of geological shift, every country should stand beside and help this severely earthquake affected country.