project 1930 vol II
Project info

the "project 1930" is a photo album with
portraits of Burgesses of the interwar period. This is a series of portraits as an emulation of the
work in photographic studios at the time, according to the
specifications of analog photography and, simultaneously, to a social status and
behaviors indicated.
At the same time, it is a "live" presentation of Samos residents in the years
that followed the Asia Minor disaster, with references to financial-industrial
activity and rural life of the island through the flow of personal stories, as
told by the protagonists themselves.

The “project 1930” was presented in Samos twice from May to September 2016. It included portraits and stories.It also included some letters and cards. All the material was made according to the historical period of the '20 . The name of the project refers to the end of the period studied

The project 1930 vol II is a new series of the same project. The back ground changes to black. Number of participants 33 and I am still photoshooting. This part is planned to be presented to the end of 2019-beginning of 2020 at Samos Greece.