Air of Revolution
Project info

Air of revolution is a series of photographs I took during the past month of January, this was one of the most violent days of the “Gilet Jaunes” protests in France. With the pictures, I try to make the spectator live and feel the acute change of emotions myself and everyone around the protest went through.

What it was supposed to be a quiet normal Saturday, strolling in the city center, quickly escalated into an intense and uncertain situation.

Equipped solely with the 35mm prime lens attached to my camera, I walk you through key moments of the protest, from the beginning, that was meant to be a peaceful march, to what rapidly evolved into a dangerous confrontation between the protesters and the forces of order.

P.S.: I take off my hat to war journalists and photojournalists in armed conflicts, this is definitely a passion-driven line of work and it takes a very cold head and steady pulse take pictures in the middle of the action, between smoke grenades, police batons and in some cases live ammunition. This series is dedicated to all of them and to the adrenaline rush!