On the very edge of shadows (My first road trip in the West of the US)
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I never dreamed of traveling to America.
I had a lot of other priorities and this country inspired me with suspicion and distrust...
One day, I finally agreed to go there. Putting my preconceptions aside, I was at last ready to receive the beauties and ugliness from his cities, from his landscapes... his ontological violence, as he seems never to be able to get rid of...

From Seattle in the northwest to California, with a detour through the scenery of John Ford’s westerns and some national parks. Five weeks driving... Too short, too fast! It was just a first approach.
Little by little I let myself be seduced and, along the roads and Highways, I liked to let myself be crossed by its landscapes... vertigo... I stayed in famous or lesser known cities... They were small or huge... I took the way at iconic locations to confront them to my imaginary, and I looked for others, less visited.

And I photographed... Until I dried up... but it was never enough pictures!
I searched for my photos with, in mind, the memory of the works of Ansel Adams, Walker Evans or Ralph Gibson... and many more... cinema... music... literature... and, most often, by forcing me to forget all that, to try to find, if possible, the right distance.