Project info

I am a storyteller.

While my childhood shyness and stage fright seemed to speak to the contrary, I am storyteller. This project was a reminder of this fact, and was a creative journey of bringing words on a page to life.

With each story in this seriesl, I set out to simply photograph a quote from a childhood book. Instead, I ended up being reminded of some lessons I dearly needed to remember; lessons about the importance of wonder, kindness, and hope.

The most important thing about telling stories is the lessons that thread themselves throughout. A wonderful thing about being a storyteller is that there’s not one way to do it. Theatre, art, conversation - they all can bring a story to life in their own way. In fact, if you really consider it, our whole lives weave a tale - in the breath we breathe, the images we make, and the days we live.

What stories will you tell? You have the opportunity to remind others of things they have lost and quite possibly, learn even more yourself.

So, tell stories & learn lessons. Why?

You are a storyteller.