Reflecting (on) old capitals – EYEcon
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My photographic work started with the fact that I stood at an old capital of japan and imagined a person who had stood in the same place a long time ago.
These eyes are staring at the old capitals of Japan. Specifically, they are the palaces of old capitals like Heijo-kyo, Kuni-kyo, Shigarakino-miya, Naniwa-kyo and Heian-kyo.
Just as we modernize people miss homes and towns that they used to live in, and have hopes and anxieties in new lands, those who moved for the transfer of capital must have looked at the city with various thoughts too.
The fact that a capital once stood there can be a source of tourism in one place, or almost in oblivion in others. And those lands will be overwritten with new images icon.
And if time passes, even present icons will be forgotten like old capitals.