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We all know how work intensive farming, which uses industrial and scientific techniques to get the maximum amount of product at the lowest cost and using minimal space, and we also know that it is extremely widespread in all the developed countries.
At the same time we know much less how work the intesive farming regarding the huge business of animal skins destined to the worldwide high fashion market.

I tell you the sacrifice hidden behind the ruthless values expressed by the high fashion, and its cultural trend dominated by remorseless standards of beauty.

The business volume that revolving around this trade amounts to several millions of euro and among the most famous brands, we can find Gucci, Hermès, Cartier, Burberry and many more. In fact, only Italy and France import half of all the European demand.

In this broad scenario, there is a long list of animal involved, whose existence is destined for the industrial sector of the high fashion and all of these species are condemned to intensive farming for the production of clothes with furs, feathers or leather.

At date, I accomplished the first two chapters, I worked in Colombia, where I told the intensive breeding of the crocodiles and later I travelled in Poland, working inside a minks intensive farm. In addition, I’ll continue my project, trying to obtain again the fatal access into the intensive breeding farms all around the world, in order to create a unique report on this tremendous practice.

"The Price of Vanity" is an unprecedented document accomplished on this terrifying phenomenon, a monstrosity in accordance with law that is perpetrating from decades, the extermination of animal species destined for the market of high fashion.