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The layout and combination of moles on the human body are just as unique as fingerprints. Even identical twins have different fingerprints.  It is the same with moles.  Chinese shamans explored the relationship of birthmark locations on the body and their specific meanings.  Moles on the forehead imply something different than marks around the mouth or on the eyelid.  Experts read from them like age-old navigators from the stars.  Of human destiny, illnesses or predisposition, everyone has their own constellation of moles, written precisely on their bodies.  

Everyone has their own map, their unique path.  Imagine that every step you make leaves an invisible trace.  Like the spider’s web that follows you throughout your life, the places you frequently go back to and the people you often spend time with are densely treaded.  There are places with just a single thin trail, but there are also places with threads so tangled which make it impossible to unravel their histories.  

I constructed a special filter to process images of human bodies so that the layout of moles is best visible. The result is an exemplification of the uniqueness of your personal mole constellation.  

Everyone is unique, everyone has their own galaxy. We are all made of stars

"Some people say that we should not trust our eyes,
That there is nothing, just a seeming,
There are the ones who have no hope.
They think the moment we turn away,
The world, behind our backs, ceases to exist..."

[Hope (excerpt) , by Czesław Miłosz]